State of the Art Surveillance

National Capital Alarm & Surveillance is committed to delivering and installing state of the art surveillance systems. Whether it’s a commercial centre, small business, parking lot or residential home, our systems are fully customizable to suit all of your needs. View live and previously recorded footage of your home or business at any time and on any device.


Remote Access

View your home or business live, or replay your recorded footage on your smartphone, tablet and computer. Our systems are designed to provide you with fast and secure access to your surveillance system with the click of a button.



We offer a wide array of cameras to fit any budget and various needs. Cameras may include features such as day/night capability, vandal resistance, weather resistance, high definition and PTZ which allows you to move the motorized camera remotely.


Secure Backup

Our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows accessibility to previously recorded videos, advanced event searches and reliable long term storage of all recorded data. Our DVRs are embedded with security grade hard drives, which ensure all collected data is safely and privately stored.


HD Recording

HD recording and playback allows you to identify intruders and vehicles during the daytime, night time and bad weather conditions. Our high resolution cameras and recorders enable details to be clearly captured and viewed.

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Trusted Quality

Our quality products are designed to provide you with 24/7 recording and playback throughout the year. Using weatherproof cameras for the outdoors, recording will not be interrupted due to extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, vandal proof cameras will protect your equipment and help identify thieves and trespassers.



Our systems are backed up by a comprehensive warranty on all parts and labour. A minimum 2 year warranty is included with every system, guaranteeing an immediate replacement should any component malfunction.

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