Our Lifesentry package includes:

  •  $149 for Installation, Pendant and Base

  •  Two-way voice

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

  • No contract


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Peace of Mind:

Our operators are   standing by 24/7 for any emergency you or your loved ones may have. Our monitoring stations are designed to provide fast response informing your local emergency department and all of your loved ones when you need them most.

Simple and Versatile:

The Lifesentry pendant is durable and designed for everyday life. Whether you are in your living room, garden or your shower, its small, waterproof and dustproof design allows you to wear it as a pendant or on your waist wherever you may be.

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Outdoors and Indoors:

Take your pendant with you outside to enjoy the sun or maintain your garden. Our pendant is designed to provide you with 600 ft of coverage around your home.


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