Our Packages

Take Over
24/7 ULC Monitoring
No Hidden Fees
No Contract
Lifetime Warranty
Alarm Certificate
Free Basic System
$0 System Installed
2 Motion Detectors
3 Door Contacts
Lifetime Warranty
DSC, Paradox or Honeywell
GSM Bundle
3G Cellular Communication
No Phone Line Needed
24/7 ULC Monitoring
Lifetime Warranty
Alarm Certificate

*Three year contract.

Complete Security Features


Advanced Monitoring

Our state of the art systems are backed up with 24/7 ULC alarm monitoring. With six monitoring stations across Canada, an agent is always on stand-by when you need them most.


Remote Access

Access your alarm system remotely using our mobile app wherever you may be. You can Arm/Disarm the system securely with a touch of a button making sure your home and business are always protected.



Our alarm systems are backed up by a lifetime warranty. Any defects from labor or the equipment will be handled immediately at no cost to you.


Fire Protection

Protect your home and business from devastating fires. Our ULC approved smoke detectors detect fires as soon as they start and inform you and your local fire department immediately.


Flood Protection

Protect your investment with complete flood protection. Early detection of floods caused by faulty sump pumps or natural disasters can prevent thousands of dollars in damages to your property.


Carbon Monoxide

A silent killer, Carbon monoxide cannot be detected until it is too late. Protect your home and business with a monitored carbon monoxide detector.


Wireless Communication

Our security systems can be monitored through your internet service or through cellular communication. Using industry leading GSM and IP modules, your system can be monitored without a traditional phone line.


Advanced Reporting

Receive daily detailed reports on all alarm related events. Up to 32 users can be programmed allowing you to keep track of opening/closing events and any alarm events you may need.


Insurance Discounts

Using ULC burglar alarm systems and monitoring, our customers can benefit from up to 20% in discounts on their Home insurance bill. Maximize your discounts by adding fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection.

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